Monday, March 29, 2010

Blowing Hot Air:

It’s time to determine who is for real and who in the political landscape is blowing hot air.

Let’s take a Congressman. He is from a very conservative district. His constituents are for less government, pro-life and most definitely pro-second amendment.

The congressman goes to Washington DC. He is asked to vote on an abortion bill.

He said he would vote no and votes no on that bill.

The bill passes.

The next bill that he is asked to vote on is gun control.

He said he opposes gun control and votes no on that bill.

It passes.

The Congressman in question goes home and tells his constituents that if only we had a few more “conservatives” like him in office we could have stopped those bills from being passed.

What said Congressman neglects to tell his sheep is that both of those bills need to be funded. Both bills become part of the Federal Budget. He votes for the Federal Budget.

That means that he voted to fund what he said he was against, abortion and gun control.

Nice trick.

If this bill is passed will it increase the Size, Cost, extend the Reach or Power of the government? If the bill does any of those things he will vote no on that bill for those reasons.

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