Monday, June 30, 2008

Another Look At "Heller"


Significance of the “Heller” ruling.

The purpose of the “Heller vs. DC” ruling is this. To establish the supremacy of the Supreme Court on all things Constitutional.

Essentially this ruling makes the words in the Constitution meaningless.

The only thing that counts is what the Supreme Court says it says.

Consider this:

Article One: “All power belongs to the Supreme X”

Article Two:

Article Three:

Article Four:

Article Five:

If you want to know what these articles say you must have the people in article one tell you. Which means what is written is meaningless? Except for the meaning given to it by the Supreme X. Even when the Supreme X is saying the opposite of what is written.

Haven’t you noticed that not a peep has been heard from the ACLU?

This ruling has been called a “Landmark” decision. What is a “Landmark?”

This is a decision that destroys a section of the Constitution.

A “Landmark” is a message to the liberals to shut up.

This decision establishes the authority of the Supreme Court to say what anything in the constitution means independent of and contrary to written word and common understanding.

That is why it’s called a Landmark decision. And in no way is that decision a victory for anybody except the communists, fascists, and socialists pretending to a world wide throne.

Please read the Soviet Constitution.

“All the central and local power belongs to these Soviets”

A “Soviet” is a committee.

That committee governs’ a particular section of life. If all power belongs to the Soviet then what ever comes after that means nothing.

Take for example the “Frankfurter Doctrine.”

It basically says that the Constitution of the United States of America is whatever the Supreme Court says it says. Take another look at the Soviet Constitution.

The solution for this and all our problems is to elect ordinary people to the House of Representatives who will VOTE NO on any bill that expands the size, cost, extends the reach or increases the power of the government!


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